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Caribbean Stud Poker

Caribbean Stud Poker is a poker-based card game played one-on-one between the Player and the Dealer that is often tied to a progressive jackpot bonus. It is often referred to in the UK and Europe as Casino Five Card Stud Poker. There are some variations of classic poker in this game, but the goal of the game is the same: beat the Dealer by forming the better hand. If you play your cards right and make the requisite progressive jackpot bet, you can win what is usually a pretty hefty jackpot. Many find this to be a very entertaining, fast-paced game, lauding it for the quick turnaround between hands.

How to play

Once you have decided on your wager, you will be dealt five cards face down. The Dealer will also receive five cards, but one of his cards will be shown to you face up. You can fold and surrender your ante bet, or you can raise and double your ante bet. There is usually a progressive jackpot in play.

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At this point, a number of scenarios will unfold:

  1. The Dealer fails to qualify by not having at least an Ace and King, you win regardless of your hand.
  2. After paying all ante bets, the Dealer checks in turn all hands for any jackpots.
  3. The Dealer qualifies, but you have a better hand: You get paid your ante bet and a payout on the raise bet that varies in accordance with the pay table. The stronger the hand, the greater the payout.
  4. The Dealer qualifies, and you tie: Both the ante and raise push.
  5. The Dealer qualifies and beats you: You lose your ante and raise, i.e., twice your original wager.
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Responsible gaming

While we are dedicated to providing an unforgettable, world-class experience, NUSTAR Resort and Casino is fully committed to keeping it fun through Responsible Gaming.

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