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Sic Bo

Sic Bo is a Chinese word for a pair of dice, precious dice, or jewel dice. This refers to a casino game where the Players bet on the outcome of the dice roll. Sic Bo is fairly simple and dates back to ancient China, though over the centuries it slowly spread across the entire globe.

How to play

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  1. Players will place their bets on the different symbols on the electronic layout.
  2. Once the Dealer has called “no more bets”, Dealer will press the “deal” button and remove the cover.
  3. Dealer will announce the winning combination based on the illuminated lights.
  4. Losing bets will be collected and all winning bets will be paid based on the odds on the specific area
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Sic Bo

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Responsible gaming

While we are dedicated to providing an unforgettable, world-class experience, NUSTAR Resort and Casino is fully committed to keeping it fun through Responsible Gaming.

Guests below 21 years old are prohibited to enter the casino premises. We also discourage all gambling-related problems in compliance with PAGCOR’s guidelines for Responsible Gaming.

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